Shocklink is designed to absorb drawbar shock and reduce driver fatigue. It fits between the vehicle’s towbar and the trailer and allows the trailer to move in a vertical direction independent of the towing vehicle.  This arrangement results in a much smoother ride reducing risk of damage and fatigue.

How Does It Work?

The Shocklink “floats” in a vertical direction similar to that of a shock absorber in that it reacts to changes in the motion of the trailer as it is towed over different road surfaces, at varying speeds.  It is a sealed unit containing two springs with rubber snubbers that effectively absorb up to 70% of the shockwaves being transmitted along the trailer’s drawbar.

Shocklink Mk II
Commecial Shocklink
Shocklink Mk II Adaptor Plate
Shocklink Mk II
Shocklink Commercial
Shocklink Adaptor Plates

Shocklink Mk II

  • For 4wd & light commercial vehicles up to 2800kgs Gross Vehicle Weight (GVM) & max S Value (Noseload) of 100 kgs use Shocklink Mark II

  • Available as an Adjustable height version, design to fit vehicles fitted with either a Dixon-Bate adjustable height towbar or via an adapter plate onto an existing vehicle towbar (see exceptions below).

  • Includes coupling plate pre-drilled with two holes at 90mm centres.

  • Designed to accept standard towballs, universal couplings & jaws with coupling holes to BS Au 114a.

  • Adjustable height version only.

  • Includes two pins & clips for fitting either to an adjustable height frame or adapter plate.

  • M16 coupling bolts supplied (refer to instructions for correct length)

  • Suitable for use with stabilisers

Shocklink Commercial

  • For Commercial Vehicles up to 16000 kgs GVW & max S Value of 100kgs use Commercial Shocklink.

  • Includes coupling plate with 6 holes
    2 M16 at 90mm centres for BSAu114a couplings.
    4 M12 holes at 86 x 45 centres for BS Au 24 couplings

  • Part No 201928
    Adjustable height version supplied with 2 pins

  • Part No:201918
    4 studs 90mm x 40mm centres

  • Part No:201923
    4 studs 90mm x 45mm centres

  • Part No:201919
    4 studs 90mm x 50mm centres

  • Part No: 201922
    4 studs 90mm x 90mm centres

Shocklink Adaptor Plates

  • Designed to fit to an existing towbar using 4 bolts.

  • Part No:202005 Suitable for Shocklink Mark II only.

  • Part No:202021 Suitable for Commercial Shocklink only.

Will it Fit My Vehicle?

The Shocklink Mark II is only available as an adjustable height version designed to fit vehicles fitted with either a Dixon-Bate adjustable height towbar or via an adapter plate onto an existing vehicle towbar (see exceptions below).  The Commercial Shocklink is available either as an adjustable height version for fitting as per the Mark II, or, with 4 studs set at pre-determined centres to locate onto an existing towbar or chassis.

Pre-August 1998 registrations: Shocklink Mark II can be fitted to the existing towbar using the adapter plate if the towbar has 4 coupling holes and that there is sufficient clearance around the bumper.

Eu Approved Vehicles August 1994 on: Only fit the adapter plate after first checking with the towbar manufacturer that doing so will not invalidate the towbars’ approval


Accessories which are not properly fitted can be dangerous, with the potential for serious injury or damage. It is recommended that all accessories are fitted and maintained by professionally competent persons. Only use Dixon-Bate spare parts such as locating pins, clips, towing pins, sliders etc. If in doubt contact your supplier or Bradley Doublelock Ltd.