Towing Pintles are hooks designed to rotate up to 360 degrees to allow the trailer to rotate independently of the towing vehicle when off-road. This is particularly important when towing at high speed, which is often a military requirement.

The Towing Pintle is suitable for normal on-road usage as it can be locked in a fixed position when necessary.

With the exception of the 5 tonne Towing Jaw (Part No 201910), Towing pintles are the only products designed to tow trailers fitted with the military 3inch towing eye.

For over 50 years world armies have used Dixon-Bate pintles. Rugged and well engineered the rotatable pintles have been the choice of armed forces from the UK to Australia.

However it is not only armed forces who make use of these pintles but several heavy towing applications are best met by them. Several local authorities and utilities along with other heavy towing operators specify the ultimate heavy duty towing coupling, especially when used for towing off road.

The pintles are generally finished to customer specification; the standard finish being a tough corrosion resistant (1000salt spray hours) electroferritic/cathodic black coating.

Light Towing Pintle - Part No. FV987958
Medium Towing Pintle - FV987957
Light Pintle
Medium Pintle
Light Pintle - Suitable for Towing eyes: I.D. 75.00 mm
Section thickness: 38 to 41 mm;
D = 17kN
Medium Pintle - Suitable for Towing eyes: I.D. 75.00 mm
Section thickness: 38 to 41 mm;
D = 83.4kN


Accessories which are not properly fitted can be dangerous, with the potential for serious injury or damage. It is recommended that all accessories are fitted and maintained by professionally competent persons. Only use Dixon-Bate spare parts such as locating pins, clips, towing pins, sliders etc. If in doubt contact your supplier or Bradley Doublelock Ltd.